See Some Sophisticated Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I've just finished posting a new book review on Creating Artisan Jewerly: Weave, Wrap Coil by Jodi Bombadier. So, for the full review just click on the book review section above and then scroll down to Wire Wrapping books.

Here's the basic skinny on the book from my perspective: get it. Just get it. Seriously, if you're fond of wire wrapping, what you'll find here is some of the rare, well done wire wrapping. The author has a clean design sense and you won't find rough, blunted wire ends or wire that overwhelms the actual jewelry piece. What you'll find is some very lovely, well crafted jewelry. And you'll also be taught some basic wire weaving skills.

I will say that this book is not meant for advanced wire workers but instead geared towards the beginner to mid-skilled wire jeweler. But it is well worth it for anyone wanting to kick up their wire wrapped design skills.