I have been asked so often about the products I use for making my wire jewelry pieces that I decided to put up this recommendations page for your reference. While I do get small remuneration on any products purchased through this site, these are indeed the products I’ve chosen to use and feel very confident in presenting and recommending them to you.

Having just the right findings for your hard won jewelry pieces is essential. Shortly, we'll be listing some lovely findings for your consideration.


These are products recommended for use in finishing wire jewelry pieces. These products refer to sanding, grinding, patination and plating the wire. These products are all used prior to polishing your piece.

Finishing is all about the details. Whether you use needle files and sandpaper to finish your wire ends or shoot straight to the ease and speed of using a Dremel tool, ya just gotta do it. Nothing can ruin a beautiful piece of jewelry faster than poor finishing techniques. Here are some of the tools I use to finish my own pieces:

Miscellaneous products that we recommend.


Well, ya just gotta polish. Who can resist the beauty of seeing highly polished jewelry?
Polishing wire jewelry pieces is a last essential step to completing your pieces and these are the products I both use and highly recommend. In this section, you'll find a short list of some of my favorite products for polishing wire jewelry.


Having been asked many times about the tools I use for my wire working, I've prepared this short list of preferred tools that I recommend.