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While I thoroughly enjoy writing tutorials on specific projects, there are times when a wire topic deserves and requires a complete book. Make Wire Beads, my first book, started out with a few wire beads and grew into both a project as well as a technique book. A natural follow up book was All Wound Up on making beads from wire and fiber combined. This is also a project and technique book. Both of these books were geared toward those with any skill level, but especially beginners wanting to learn how to start working with wire.

These books have been around for a bit now and based on their continued success, I finally decided to write a more challenging book on simple wire weaving: Make Woven Wire Jewelry. While learning to successfully wind and wrap wire is gratifying, learning to weave wire requires more hand control and can often give your work a more sophisticated appeal. Your skill level will increase and it will definitely show in your work.
  • Make Wire Beads

    Make Wire Beads

    MWB1 - I wrote Make Wire Beads, the book about how to make beads from wire, over ten years ago and its' success has continued. The book was self published back in the days when print on demand didn't really exist. A true labor of love, Make Wire Beads experienced unprecedented success that still continues. Why? I really think it's because I hit on an arena that hadn't been addressed during the height of the bead making scene. All manner of bead making has been popular over the years with multiple books on each type with the exception of beads made from wire. So, if you're looking to learn how to make beads with wire, you've come to just the right place.

    MAKE WIRE BEADS consumed much of a year of my time while I was utterly obsessed with making the very best kind of wire beads I could think of. Without using solder. As a result, I came up with over forty different wire beads. What's most important about this book however, is that I created a groups of simple wire wrapping techniques that allow you to make many variations on the beads in MAKE WIRE BEADS. Did you ever think of altering your wire before you started using it? Did you know that you could make hollow wire beads using a simple sugar cube? Did you ever realize that you could make an infinite number of wire beads by simple changing one of three different variables? Did you ever think you'd be able to make wire jewelry just with wire beads?

  • Round Braiding #1: Make Woven Wire Jewelry

    Round Braiding #1: Make Woven Wire Jewelry

    MWWJ - MAKE WOVEN WIRE JEWELRY is a 50 page tutorial downloadable e-book (large print and photos) that explores round wire braiding for jewelry in many variations.

  • All Wound Up

    All Wound Up

    AWU1 - Now you can make beads and art jewelry from your favorite fibers, yarns and threads!

    All Wound Up is a 25 page instruction ebook illustrating how to easily make over 14 fiberwire beads. With a full color shot of each type of bead along with 20 plus black and white photos, it would be hard to miss with this jam packed booklet. Whether you're a novice or a pro, you can experience almost immediate success by following the simple and clear instructions in All Wound Up.