Round Braiding #1: Make Woven Wire Jewelry

MWWJ - MAKE WOVEN WIRE JEWELRY is a 50 page tutorial downloadable e-book (large print and photos) that explores round wire braiding for jewelry in many variations. One of the simplest, fastest and most immediately gratifying wire weaving techniques, Crown Sinnet Braiding is an amazingly versatile technique.

This tutorial provides all the information you'll need on wire and tools along with extensive step-by-step photos and text to ensure your immediate success. You'll start learning this technique by making a sample project in copper and then you'll be able to choose from four different tutorials on necklaces and a pair of earrings that are also included.


Along with all of that, you'll get extensive information on how to alter your braid to get numerous additional design effects. You'll learn:

- How to fix mistakes in your weaves

- How to easily compress the weave for a completely different look

- How to simply and quickly add beads to your weaves

- How to quickly add and substract strands to alter your weaves

- How to stabilize your woven tubes using core wires

- How to easily measure your own neck size

- A formula for estimating the materials you'll need for any project

- A variety of ways to beautifully finish your wire ends and jewelry

Oftentimes, wire weaving can be difficult or frustrating in trying to control all the wires involved. Not so with this wire weaving technique. Regardless of your current skill level, anyone should be able to experience very quick success in acquiring this lovely, versatile and oh-so-quick technique.

Please note that this is an e-book ready for immediate pdf download from your own computer.

Price: $17.99