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In my last newsletter, I mentioned Mary Lee Hu's new book, Knotted, Knitted, Twisted and Twined, which is now available on Amazon books. Mary Lee is also written about in the last two issues of...More

I have just held my first workshop on how to make fiber and wire pendants and it was a real treat for me. I've devised a simple way to weave wire with what I call a "portable loom" that you can...More

I was teaching a new workshop recently and one of my students marveled when I said that I typically have ten or more wire jewelry projects going at a time. She asked me how I manage that and so I...More

Hmmmm, I have started teaching again which really fires me up to come up with some rather interesting new ideas. Fueled by the enthusiasm of overbooked classes,I can't help but wonder about the...More

As we start out with a new year, my thoughts turn to jewelry making instructions and what's the best method of delivery. We all learn differently but as artists we are naturally visual and share...More

How to make wire jewelry 2011 seems an appropriate topic as we all wind down on the year. This is the year that this website, 10 years old, was given a complete overhaul and the ramping up...More

I just taught the first wire jewelry making workshop that I’ve held in several years. I’ve joined forces with the Whaley Studios here in San Diego to start teaching again by holding a series of...More

I had a surprise this weekend, an unexpected event. I attended an open house at Whaley Studios here in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. The event was held to honor students and their work. All...More

I was interviewed yesterday on Blog Talk Radio from Whaley Studios located in San Diego. We started out with the usual questions about my background and how I got interested in making wire jewelry...More

Although I think the topic of using copper wire as an alternative to silver these days is well covered on the web, I've been seeing some things that I think are worth comment.