Wire Jewelry Making Kits: Good Idea?

Hmmmm, I have started teaching again which really fires me up to come up with some rather interesting new ideas. Fueled by the enthusiasm of overbooked classes,I can't help but wonder about the viability of making up some kits from some of these new classes.

Here's the thing: I was standing in one of the places I teach yesterday, going over a potential roster of new classes and a call came in from a potential student wanting to sign up for one of my existing classes. Unfortunately, the date was a conflict for her and so she couldn't sign up. Now, I do love teaching and felt a bit of a ping of disappointment that she couldn't make it to the next workshop. Part of that came from the fact that I've already taught that workshop once, it filled quickly and we had so many students that we had to schedule a second workshop. Now, it's unlikely, just starting out teaching again, that I'll be teaching that particular workshop again for awhile.

I certainly can and probably will turn the best of these workshops into tutorials but I also have another concern. Having learned myself at times from purchasing tutorials from others on how to make jewelry, supplies are always a concern to me. There's nothing quite like buying a super looking wire jewelry making tutorial to discover that you have no idea where to get one or more of the supplies. In the service of that, I've started including sourcing information in some of my tutorials to ensure that I don't frustrate you guys.

In any event and back to the original issue here, it occurred to me that it would have been great to say to that disappointed potential student something like, "Well, we're sorry that you won't be able to make the date of that workshop but we do have a tutorial and kit that you could purchase instead". What do you think? If this were you, would that be a good alternative to attending the workshop instead?

Here's the thing: I've taught a lot of folks wire jewelry making and I'm now heading back into some fiber and wire weaving as well. I've taught a lot of beginner's and a lot of metalsmiths. While beginner's often need to complete the exact project (a great way to start out), metalsmiths will often prefer just mastering a technique. But in either case, I will have several finished pieces of wire or wire and fiber jewelry that I've made available for inspiration. I favor rather complete exploration of any technique that I teach.

I get so many questions about where I get various supplies from both of these groups of students that it's very important to me to be able to provide not only that resource information but especially for the beginner's, the actual supplies themselves.

Anyway, that's where the whole idea of wire jewelry making kits came from and it would very helpful for me to get your feedback on this. Are kits something that you'd be interested in?

Finally, let me say that making up project kits is not necessarily a task I relish. It's very time consuming and has to be done in manufacturing line kind of way. Help would probably need to be hired so that I could stay on track with writing the tutorials and exploring and creating new techniques. So, that's why your help and feedback, even a simple comment left here, would help me evaluate this idea and it's viability. My thanks in advance to any of your comments.