All Wound Up

AWU1 - Now you can make beads and art jewelry from your favorite fibers, yarns and threads!

All Wound Up is a 25 page instruction ebook illustrating how to easily make over 14 fiberwire beads. With a full color shot of each type of bead along with 20 plus black and white photos, it would be hard to miss with this jam packed booklet. Whether you're a novice or a pro, you can experience almost immediate success by following the simple and clear instructions in All Wound Up.

By combining thin gauge wire with fibers and fiber threads, an infiite array of beautiful, colorful and intriguing beads are possible. Using simple winding techniques, you'll learn how to:

* Build a solid bead base

*Use simple variations to produce a variety of effects

*Protect and preserve your fiberwire creations

*Know which are the easiest, most versatile fibers to use AND which aren't

*Work from easy to follow, concise instructions

Download All Wound Up and get started making your fiberwire beads now!



Price: $12.99