Free Tutorials

Free TutorialsAlmost all of my tutorials require no soldering for various reasons. Certainly one of those reasons is to make the tutorials easy for anyone to do without a vast amount of skill needed. There are some basics, especially when it comes to working with fiberwire, for example, that can be helpful to visualize before deciding to make a project or tutorial. So, I'll be providing some tutorials on that as well as wire manipulation to help you build up your own foundation of wire working skills. Enjoy and I hope you find these tutorials helpful.
  • The Sugar Cube Bead

    The Sugar Cube Bead

    If you've ever wondered how to make a hollow, round bead, well, you've come to the right place.

    In this tutorial, you'll learn just how to do that using a thin dowel, some thin gauge wire and yep, a simple cube of sugar. No soldering required on this as by crinkling the wire in advance, your wire will "catch" on itself and with a little "scrunching", the wire will stay in place.

  • "Sarah" Free

    "Sarah" Free

    FREE01 - This tutorial was devised to teach wire manipulation. Here you'll learn how to use round, brass dowels to help curve your wire into sinewy and circular shapes that are typically hard to duplicate. You'll also learn how to make duplicate, rounded wire components making both tight loops and larger ones as well.

  • Tips For Twisting Wire and Fiber

    Tips For Twisting Wire and Fiber

    FREE02 -Twisting thin gauge wire and fiber is simple once you get the hang of it. When that happens, you'll be able to use these new combined "strands" throughout your art jewelry. This free tutorial will help you get there easily.

  • Basic Round Braiding Technique

    Basic Round Braiding Technique

    Round braiding with wire is a very easy technique to learn although there is one step in the process that seems to cause considerable confusion.