EarringsWho doesn't love a great pair of earrings? Being art jewelers makes us luckier than many since we have the skills to make as many pair of earrings as we want for both ourselves and others. Learning how to make wire earrings is an especially good place for beginners to start wire jewelry making: it doesn't take that much time to make wire earrings and they are often easily fixed if mistakes occur. So, why not start learning how to make wire jewelry with a lovely pair of wire earrings? You'll find a diverse presentation of wire and wire and fiber earrings in this section to choose from. Use these tutorials to make metal or fiber earrings, learn some new techniques and most importantly, enjoy!
  • Braiding #3: Braided Earrings

    Braiding #3: Braided Earrings

    EARBR: This 20 plus pages tutorial comes with over 20 photos to boot to ensure your success in making these lovely silver and amethyst earrings. Originally made for evening wear, making these earrings will help expand your knowledge of round braiding.

  • Single Wire Earrings

    Single Wire Earrings

    EAR08 - These two Single Wire Earrings are an excellent beginner project. They were designed to show  how to use a single, continuous wire to make simple but effective and attractive earrings. They also were designed to demonstrate how easy it is to take the same technique and apply it in a different way.

  • "Grace" Earrings

    "Grace" Earrings

    EAR07 - "Grace" earrings are appropriately named for their elegance and simplicity. The delicate fine silver beads have a texture that contrasts beautifully with the sweeping curves of black steel.

  • "Mia" Fiber Wire Earrings

    "Mia" Fiber Wire Earrings

    EAR06 - "Mia" earrings are made using a simple coiling technique with a few extra twists. One of the great things about these earrings is that the wire you build the earrings on turns into the ear post for easy and elegant construction. This construction method also produces a very sturdy and reliable earring.

  • "Tyler" Earrings

    "Tyler" Earrings

    EAR05 - "Tyler" earrings were named after an old friend of mine who reminds me of the look and feel of these earrings: she's down to earth, open and free. These are some of the simplest earrings to make. Built on a bead base, you just use a very simple fiber and wire combination technique to create these.

  • "Mia" Fiber Wire Cuff and Earrings

    "Mia" Fiber Wire Cuff and Earrings

    CB05 - This “Mia” ensemble is both warm and sensual, resonating with color dotted with tiny touches of silver. “Mia’s” vibrant color combines so beautifully with silver that everyone will be asking you where you bought these!

  • "Tyler and Mia" Fiber Wire Earrings

    "Tyler and Mia" Fiber Wire Earrings

    EARO1 – “Tyler and Mia” Fiber Wire Earrings. Two different fiber wire earring projects and techniques. “Tyler” will show you how to build simple wind beads on a bead base and “Mia” will teach you how to make a twist, wind and coil “wiber” (joint strand of fiber and wire) and turn it into a gorgeous spiral earring.

  • "Grace" Necklace and Earrings

    "Grace" Necklace and Earrings

    NK02 - "Grace" necklace and earrings ensemble is a stunning wire and wire bead tutorial. Black steel wire combines with the shiney white look of fine silver to create this dramatic look. Learn how to make these gorgeous, textured little wire beads with 20 detailed, step-by-step photos to ensure your success.