CrochetI still clearly remember in my early twenties when my grandmother taught me to crochet. To this day, I'm grateful to her for her insistence on the way I held my hands while crocheting. I can crochet like the wind without tangling my wire because of her.

Crocheting was one of the first ways I learned my own hand skills and to this day, I'm still exploring the technique. The first piece of exhibit jewelry I made was also crocheted in fine silver wire. ________________________________________________________________________________

In this section of tutorials, you'll find some of my most successful efforts at integrating crochet with fiber and wire. I love color but adding fiber to wire jewelry has often been challenging. As a designer, my own feeling is that for fiber to be effective in jewelry, it is best combined with metal. While that may not always be true, it's certainly worked well for my work.

In these tutorials, you'll share in my discoveries of how to use wire, fiber and crochet in some unusual ways. Did you ever try crocheting with both strands of fiber and wire together? Have you ever tried crocheting ONTO wire with fiber? Have you ever crocheted into chains? If not, let me show you how. In doing so, use these options in technique to expand your skills and increase your enthusiasm for the wonderful art of crochet. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  • CB07 Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet

    CB07 Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet

    CB07 – Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet. Have you ever tried crocheting into chains? Remarkably fast and visually appealing, this bead crocheted chain bracelet is both a pleasure to wear and a striking piece of jewelry. Just double click on the photo to get a closer look.

  • "Goldie" Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff

    "Goldie" Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff

    CB10 – “Goldie” Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crocheted with both wire and fiber at the same time? Well, Goldie will teach you how to do just that. The real advantage to crocheting with both of those strands is that you can create a sturdier crocheted piece of jewelry.