"Goldie" Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff

CB10 – “Goldie” Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crocheted with both wire and fiber at the same time? Well, Goldie will teach you how to do just that. The real advantage to crocheting with both of those strands is that you can create a sturdier crocheted piece of jewelry. The wire also allows you to move your stitches around and actually have them stay in place for a change! You’ll not only learn how to create a new jewelry technique, you’ll also learn how to make a simple twisted wire frame without soldering.

Crocheted with both thin gauge brass wire and a black/gold yarn, Goldie translates into a beautiful fiber-ish weave that is not only comfortable to wear, but has a unique texture and appeal. Skilled crocheter.

Price: $7.99