Cuffs / Bracelets

Cuffs / BraceletsWho doesn’t love a good bracelet or cuff? I am especially fond of cuff bracelets and certainly have my favorites. I know that if I get a lot of comments on the bracelet I’m wearing, I probably need to make it into a tutorial. So, that’s what you’re seeing here: the best of my wire bracelets.

Bangles and jangles, wire and beads, woven and wrapped, there’s something here to suit anyone’s favorite bracelet type. As always with my designs and tutorials, you will not only learn a project but a new and unique wire jewelry making technique as well. I spend countless hours testing, twisting and tricking wire into as many new techniques as I can think of. All of that's to say that if you want to learn how to make bracelets with wire, you've come to a good place for some unusual wire bracelets. I do so hope you enjoy the results and enjoy learning how to make bracelets in wire.
  • Colored Wire Bracelet

    Colored Wire Bracelet

    CB11- Colored Wire Bracelets is one of those "Wow" tutorials as evidenced by all of the emails from happy customers.

  • Round Braiding #2: Faux Silver Bracelets

    Round Braiding #2: Faux Silver Bracelets

    CB03 - Round braiding with wire is an incredibly versatile and quick way to learn how to make wire bracelets. In this tutorial, you'll be learning how to easily manipulate and braid aluminum wire into complex looking braided bracelets. These bracelets use sterling silver to add strength and weight for very wearable wire jewelry.

  • "Lana"


    CB08 - "Lana" is a pretty lady wearing herself sparkly but delicately in pink or for sturdier days, in black. A simple technique, using a dowel to create slight hollowness, rounds out the look of these bracelets.

  • "Mia" Fiber Wire Cuff and Earrings

    "Mia" Fiber Wire Cuff and Earrings

    CB05 - This “Mia” ensemble is both warm and sensual, resonating with color dotted with tiny touches of silver. “Mia’s” vibrant color combines so beautifully with silver that everyone will be asking you where you bought these!

  • "Lizette" Sterling Wire Bead Cuff

    "Lizette" Sterling Wire Bead Cuff

    CB01 - One of the best selling tutorials, this wire bead cuff project with step-by-step photos, is assembled using a simple “s” weave stringing technique with wire. Simply make and darken your wire beads according to the instructions and then string them as shown.

  • "Susie" Bangles With Wire and Fiber

    "Susie" Bangles With Wire and Fiber

    CB04 - I’m of the opinion that using fiber for jewelry making works best when the fiber is combined with wire. “Susie” Bangles is a good example of that.

  • "Jan" Textured Wire Bracelets

    "Jan" Textured Wire Bracelets

    CB02 - These textured bracelets draw lots of attention for their unique texture and coloration. The first bracelet uses several layers of different colored wires wound on top of a basic bracelet frame to create a very delicate, airy wrist adornment. It is lightweight but substantial and fascinates anyone who sees it.

  • CB07 Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet

    CB07 Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet

    CB07 – Gun Metal Crochet Bracelet. Have you ever tried crocheting into chains? Remarkably fast and visually appealing, this bead crocheted chain bracelet is both a pleasure to wear and a striking piece of jewelry. Just double click on the photo to get a closer look.

  • "Goldie" Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff

    "Goldie" Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff

    CB10 – “Goldie” Crocheted Fiber Wire Cuff. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crocheted with both wire and fiber at the same time? Well, Goldie will teach you how to do just that. The real advantage to crocheting with both of those strands is that you can create a sturdier crocheted piece of jewelry.