"Susie" Bangles With Wire and Fiber

CB04 - I’m of the opinion that using fiber for jewelry making works best when the fiber is combined with wire. “Susie” Bangles is a good example of that. If you’d like to include color in your jewelry making aside from using colored wires, making “wibers”, strands of twisted fiber and wire, can give you a quick and simple alternative. Learn how to make these wonderful “wibers” to add both color and pizzazz to your jewelry.

Did you know that you can screw wire coils onto and into other jewelry parts? And then use wibers decoratively to hold them in place? Quite simple but unique, this quick little technique offers potential application not for just bangles, but other jewelry pieces as well. While a wonderful beginner project, Susie’s clever wire tricks have appeal for all. Skill level: Good Beginner to Advanced project.

Price: $8.99