Cleo And Friend

Nk06- Let's start doing some simple wire weaving! "Cleo and Friend" starts out with the silver version (and Friend) of this weaving tutorial because it is the simplest of these two necklaces with an intriguing, elegant attachment. Cleo (copper necklace) follows in this first of our wire weaving tutorials.

Another meaty tutorial with almost 40 photos(big pix)and 24 pages, I wrote this tutorial to start introducing you to a simple wire weaving technique that's used in a bit of a sophisticated manner. I'll teach you how to "spread out" your weave to achieve a delicate but sturdy wire structure that has a grace and beauty all its' own. I'm also using "Cleo and Friend" to teach you two very simple solutions to creating the bail (the finding you use to attach onto a necklace) for these necklaces.

The designs are sleek, elegant and well can also use this technique many, many times over to create very different kinds of wire jewelry of your own inspiration. So, apply your creativity to this technique and I think you'll be amazed at all the fascinating and unique wire jewelry that you can create.

Finally, I'm especially pleased to offer this tutorial to you as wire weaving is an essential skill to have in expanding your techniques knowledge of wire jewelry making. Just to make sure that you pick up this skill quickly and easily, I've included a diagram of the weaving, row by row, along with the very detailed photographs of this weaving techniques' process.

Price: $14.99