Beginner Series

Beginner SeriesThis series of tutorials, as it says, is meant specifically for the beginner. These tutorials will present the sequence of skills that one needs to acquire as a novice wire art jeweler.

One of the biggest problems I've noticed with some of my students is that they become frustrated mainly because they haven't had any training in basics. Before you can move forward producing attractive wire art jewelry, the first thing you need to learn is how to manipulate the wire and get comfortable with the "feel" of various different wires. You need to know, first hand, how different types of wire perform. Again, the tutorials in this section will help you learn those things.
  • Single Wire Earrings

    Single Wire Earrings

    EAR08 - These two Single Wire Earrings are an excellent beginner project. They were designed to show  how to use a single, continuous wire to make simple but effective and attractive earrings. They also were designed to demonstrate how easy it is to take the same technique and apply it in a different way.

  • Bead Cage Pendant

    Bead Cage Pendant

    BS02 - This second tutorial in the Beginner Series, Bead Cage Pendant, furthers a beginner's skills in wire jewelry making in a few essential ways: you'll learn how to work with thicker gauge wires easily by making both the bead cage coil itself as well as learning how to make a thick gauge wire neck ring.

  • Make Wire Beads

    Make Wire Beads

    MWB1 - I wrote Make Wire Beads, the book about how to make beads from wire, over ten years ago and its' success has continued. The book was self published back in the days when print on demand didn't really exist. A true labor of love, Make Wire Beads experienced unprecedented success that still continues. Why? I really think it's because I hit on an arena that hadn't been addressed during the height of the bead making scene. All manner of bead making has been popular over the years with multiple books on each type with the exception of beads made from wire. So, if you're looking to learn how to make beads with wire, you've come to just the right place.

    MAKE WIRE BEADS consumed much of a year of my time while I was utterly obsessed with making the very best kind of wire beads I could think of. Without using solder. As a result, I came up with over forty different wire beads. What's most important about this book however, is that I created a groups of simple wire wrapping techniques that allow you to make many variations on the beads in MAKE WIRE BEADS. Did you ever think of altering your wire before you started using it? Did you know that you could make hollow wire beads using a simple sugar cube? Did you ever realize that you could make an infinite number of wire beads by simple changing one of three different variables? Did you ever think you'd be able to make wire jewelry just with wire beads?