Bead Cage Pendant

BS02 - This second tutorial in the Beginner Series, Bead Cage Pendant, furthers a beginner's skills in wire jewelry making in a few essential ways: you'll learn how to work with thicker gauge wires easily by making both the bead cage coil itself as well as learning how to make a thick gauge wire neck ring. Included in this tutorial is "how to properly file and sand end wires" along with the "how to make a wire neck ring" section.

So, this is a very comprehensive tutorial that works well to supply the beginner with additional essential and necessary wire working skills. By learning how to make wire coils and neck rings in this wire jewelry tutorial, you'll then be able to extrapolate those skills and come up with your own interesting and unique designs.

With over 20 full color photos, this tutorial is 18 pages in length and promises to help accelerate your wire working skills quite nicely. Essential jewelry making instructions for beginners.

Price: $5.99