Beads and Wire

Beads and WireThere's no doubt that integrating beads with wire can greatly enhance the beauty and appeal of art jewelry. There's just something so delicious about the color and sparkle of gorgeous beads. While I typically focus on the wire work, every so often I just have to go for the beads. I hope you enjoy the same inspiration here.
  • "Victoria" Bead Chain Necklace

    "Victoria" Bead Chain Necklace

    NK02-This necklace looked so regal, it was named after Queen Victoria. Crocheting antiqued chain together with sturdy velvet cord was a wonderfully successful idea while I was conceiving this project. The velvet is gorgeous and very soft on the neck.

  • Single Wire Earrings

    Single Wire Earrings

    EAR08 - These two Single Wire Earrings are an excellent beginner project. They were designed to show  how to use a single, continuous wire to make simple but effective and attractive earrings. They also were designed to demonstrate how easy it is to take the same technique and apply it in a different way.

  • "Grace" Earrings

    "Grace" Earrings

    EAR07 - "Grace" earrings are appropriately named for their elegance and simplicity. The delicate fine silver beads have a texture that contrasts beautifully with the sweeping curves of black steel.

  • "Tyler" Earrings

    "Tyler" Earrings

    EAR05 - "Tyler" earrings were named after an old friend of mine who reminds me of the look and feel of these earrings: she's down to earth, open and free. These are some of the simplest earrings to make. Built on a bead base, you just use a very simple fiber and wire combination technique to create these.

  • "Lana"


    CB08 - "Lana" is a pretty lady wearing herself sparkly but delicately in pink or for sturdier days, in black. A simple technique, using a dowel to create slight hollowness, rounds out the look of these bracelets.

  • "Lizette" Sterling Wire Bead Cuff

    "Lizette" Sterling Wire Bead Cuff

    CB01 - One of the best selling tutorials, this wire bead cuff project with step-by-step photos, is assembled using a simple “s” weave stringing technique with wire. Simply make and darken your wire beads according to the instructions and then string them as shown.

  • "Grace" Necklace and Earrings

    "Grace" Necklace and Earrings

    NK02 - "Grace" necklace and earrings ensemble is a stunning wire and wire bead tutorial. Black steel wire combines with the shiney white look of fine silver to create this dramatic look. Learn how to make these gorgeous, textured little wire beads with 20 detailed, step-by-step photos to ensure your success.

  • All Wound Up

    All Wound Up

    AWU1 - Now you can make beads and art jewelry from your favorite fibers, yarns and threads!

    All Wound Up is a 25 page instruction ebook illustrating how to easily make over 14 fiberwire beads. With a full color shot of each type of bead along with 20 plus black and white photos, it would be hard to miss with this jam packed booklet. Whether you're a novice or a pro, you can experience almost immediate success by following the simple and clear instructions in All Wound Up.