Single Wire Earrings

EAR08 - These two Single Wire Earrings are an excellent beginner project. They were designed to show  how to use a single, continuous wire to make simple but effective and attractive earrings. They also were designed to demonstrate how easy it is to take the same technique and apply it in a different way. What's most important for beginners in this tutorial however, is learning how to use a single pair of pliers effectively to make lovely and appealing jewelry.

You can also apply your own creativity to embellish these earrings as you choose: add beads in between the waves in the wire or change the sequence of beads on the ends of the long earrings. In any case, with Single Wire Earrings, you'll not only learn some wire working basics, but you'll also now have an arena to apply your own ideas to.

Earring hoops are an excellent staple to have in your earring wardrobe. The waves in these hoops add a little extra pizazz so even more experienced wire workers may find them intriguing. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy discovering how wonderfully quick Single Wire Earrings are to make.



Price: $4.99