Round Braiding #2: Faux Silver Bracelets

CB03 - Round braiding with wire is an incredibly versatile and quick way to learn how to make wire bracelets. In this tutorial, you'll be learning how to easily manipulate and braid aluminum wire into complex looking braided bracelets. These bracelets use sterling silver to add strength and weight for very wearable wire jewelry. You'll also learn how to use one of the newest products on the market to blacken the aluminum into a very appealing "faux silver".

This particular tutorial starts with a quick sample project to ensure that you learn the basic technique and includes all the information with 20+ photos to lead you to successfully making these gorgeous and original braided bracelets.

While these bracelets are made with aluminum wire, you can opt to make them in other kinds of wire but I would suggest that you stick with similar gauge wires. Also, the product I've used to darken the aluminum also works on any metal so you'll easily be able to darken any type of wire (not colored wire though) that you may choose as an alternate to aluminum.



Price: $12.99