"Tyler and Mia" Fiber Wire Earrings

EARO1 – “Tyler and Mia” Fiber Wire Earrings. Two different fiber wire earring projects and techniques. “Tyler” will show you how to build simple wind beads on a bead base and “Mia” will teach you how to make a twist, wind and coil “wiber” (joint strand of fiber and wire) and turn it into a gorgeous spiral earring. If you’re looking to make colorful and bohemian or ethnic looking jewelry, this might just be a good place for you to start.  

Both of these earrings rely on simple fiber wire techniques that work to produce very different looks. Either of these quick techniques can be used again and again to create many variations of these earrings. (Just a hint about the popularity of “Tyler”: I was invited to demonstrate how to make her on TV). All skill levels although “Tyler” is an especially excellent beginner project. She’s also quite friendly and won’t mind if you change her!

Price: $6.99