12 Needle Files - Jewelers' Metalsmith Filing Tool Set

jewelry needle files

Finishing is all about the details. Whether you use needle files and sandpaper to finish your wire ends or shoot straight to the ease and speed of using a Dremel tool, ya just gotta do it. Nothing can ruin a beautiful piece of jewelry faster than poor finishing techniques. Here are some of the tools I use:

The Dremel Tool

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or anyone who is new to rotary tools, the Dremel 300-1/24 Variable-Speed Rotary Kit helps you complete a wide range of household, fine art, and repair projects. The rotary tool itself features an updated design for optimum comfort and control, as well as variable-speed control that allows you to set the speed of the tool to match specific accessories or tasks. The versatile rotary tool comes with a case, 24 accessories, and a circle cutter attachment--so you're ready to tackle whatever project you dream up next.