Well, it's taken a long time to get this Beadifferent Press site up with all these tutorials. The original Beadifferent Press website went up in 1999 as a venue for my first book, Make Wire Beads. Given the extreme success of that little publication, we started adding one or two smaller tutorials periodically to add to the selection. 

Due to an unexpected and prolonged family illness, the site lay pretty much dormant for several years although the book and tutorials continued to sell. The hard copy of Make Wire Beads sold out rather quickly and given unusual circumstances, we opted not to re-publish it at that time. It was only when a colleague of mine contacted me that we decided to re-publish it. She told me that Make Wire Beads was selling all over the internet for up to $200!! I thought she was joking but when I searched, I discovered that it was true, ha!

In any event, after much ado, we got the book put into pdf format and it's been available now for the past year or so in that format. Additionally, the book will be available thru Amazon shortly in hard cover as well. 

Throughout all this, I have taught in many places and increased my own wire working techniques and skills. As always, I continue to be driven by the exploration of new and interesting wirely ways. Many of those techniques, twists and tips will be showcased on this website and there are yet many tutorials to come. So, stick with me as I discover the unusual, intriguing and hopefully, simple things you can do with wire for jewelry.

Finally, I'd like to thank all my loyal readers and students who grace me with their feedback and patience.