Basic Tools

Tools are kind of personal. I suspect at least some of this has to do with the different sizes and shapes of our hands. So what feels comfortable to one, may not to another. In any event, I have accumulated several sets that I use for different things at different times but my all time favorite tools are from Lindstrom because, well, they’re just the top of the line and feel like it. They also carry a bit of a hefty price…….over the years Lindstrom tools have ended up on both my Christmas and birthday lists.

I’ve listed some of them for you here in the event that you want and can afford to buy the best. This by no means is to say that you can’t find reasonable alternatives especially if you’re just starting out with your wire jewelry making. Euro Tool is a good brand name and their pliers can last a long time. But if you’re really serious about your wire jewelry making, Linsdtrom pliers are where it’s at. I use four hand tools the majority of the time: flat nose, round nose, wire cutters and nylon jaw flat clamping pliers:

Simply click the link below for Lindstom Flat Nose Pliers from Amazon:

Lindstrom Flat Nose Pliers