The Art Of Resin Jewelry: Layering, Casting And Mixed Media Techniques by Sheri Haab

In the process of looking for some excellent wire jewelry DVD's, I came across this book for making resin jewelry WITH the DVD included. Seriously, it just doesn't get better than this for the price. I do have this book which is excellent as are all of Sherri Haab's jewelry making products.

I worked as a commercial artist for a number of years. During that time, I worked for a resin manufacturer making jewelry and tabletops out of resin and then writing how-to booklets. My enthusiasm for this resin DVD springs from having expertise in both wire and resin and the possibilities for combining the two are exceptional. Making embellishments out of resin to integrate with your wire work is the first application that comes to mind. But imbedding wire into the resin just blows my mind as the possibilities are endless.

Finally, I know thru my students that many are intimidated by working with resin. I was initially as well but I can tell you now that that simply needn't be so. Working with resin is a very simple and straightforward effort. And your skill with it happens quickly. It does help greatly in the beginning of your resin work to actually SEE the process being done. Having the hardcopy book along with the DVD for reference is just the best learning you can get next to attending a workshop. So anyway, I'm just thrilled to be able to offer this book/DVD for your consideration.

The Art of Resin Jewelry (DVD Edition): Layering, Casting, and Mixed Media Techniques for Creating Vintage to Contemporary Designs