Wire Writing Secrets by Andy Turner

Have you ever considered making personalized jewelry using wire? If you're creative and looking for a low-impact, inexpensive way to add to your income, Andy Turner's ebook, Wire Writing Secrets, may just be what you've been looking for. Wire name writing has seen a resurgence in the past few years and it's HOT! Since I regularly attend art fairs, I can say that I've seen the popularity of this old craft. Kiosks with wire names are popping up and are typically filled with potential customers.

I met Andy Turner on line since I was fascinated by his craft and he allowed me to review the book. At 150 pages, I was very impressed with how extensive the book was and the amount of detail that Andy's covered. Also, having tried my hand at wire name writing, I was also impressed with how much Wire Writing Secrets added to my own knowledge. It's easy if you have someone like Andy to show you how but otherwise, not that easy to do on your own. There are just all kinds of simple little details and techniques that Andy has already worked out for you: total time savers!

Wire Writing Secrets is all about the art of wire writing in the english language. You'll learn how to make name necklaces, pins and pendants so you'll easily be able to add name earrings and bracelets as well. Not only does Andy provide extensive and detailed photos to his text in Wire Writing Secrets, he provides sales information and booth set up details. He really wants you to succeed and it's clear that's he put his heart and soul into his book.

Don't let the no frills website disuade you as Wire Writing Secrets is a very high quality and well done publication:

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