Crocheted Wire Jewelry by Arline Fisch


Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs and Projects by Arline Fisch is a book well worth consideration even if you're a seasoned crochet jewelry artist. Ms Fisch lives up to her reputation as a pioneer of woven jewelry by taking an old technique, crocheting,  modernizing its’ application for successful wire jewelry. The wire jewelry designs are sophisticated, skillful and varied. You'll see a lot of eye candy in this book which will help provide endless inspiration for the wire art jeweler. Get ready to be blown away with enthusiasm and inspiration. It was hard to keep my hands off a crochet hook when this book arrived! I've actually added a few of the projects to my wish list.

The Basics of the book provide an excellent over view of the characteristics of wire, crochet essentials, stitches, tools and findings as well. One of the things that makes Crocheted Wire Jewelry innovative is that throughout the Basics area, there are pictures of drop dead, gorgeous, finished crocheted jewelry for immediate inspiration. The book pretty much has you drooling before you even get started on a project!

The projects start out with Chain Stitch Projects which is lovely since chain stitch is the first step in learning to crochet and is remarkably simple.  There are three projects in this area building in complexity which should provide the reader with an immediate sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The next ten projects are all Single Crochet Projects which again, helps build the reader’s success gradually. All these projects look very professional and are clearly done by leading artists. There are Rosette earrings, bead earrings, pins and lariats, all beautifully conceived and crafted.

Next are six Crochet Projects With Beads that continue to build the reader’s skills. The first projects integrate only a few beads into the wire jewelry pieces. Following those, more beads get used in the projects with some stunning results. Take a look at the amber and crystal bracelet and the found objects necklace for ways of making very elegant, innovative and interesting wire jewelry.

The Next chapter of the book, Double Crochet & Crochet Pattern Objects,  moves the reader into more complex pattern following and of course, teaches double crochet, the next step in advancing crocheting skills.  Three project here and be sure to check out the Lilacs Spiral Necklace for simple sophistication.
Hair Pin Lace is next with four lovely and delicate wire jewelry designs. Fisch explains that you’ll need a stiff wire frame to tackle these wonderful projects. They’re so beautiful, airy and elegant that I’ve just added “hair pin lace frame” to my own wish list. Actually, my grandmother taught me hair pin lace techniques many years ago. Seeing that it was relatively easy, I’m now inspired to follow up on my grandmother’s love of it.

The last two projects in the book are by Joan Dulla  and Michael David Sturlin, two well known leading artists in art jewelry. Joan Dulla created a quick alternate version of standard crochet that is extremely easy to do and creates a different looking stitch than regular crochet. Having that technique included in this book is a special treat. I can say that since I actually flew to Florida to take a 3 day workshop to learn it, ha! You can do some things with Dulla’s technique that isn’t as easy in regular crochet so again, having her method included in this book is a real bonus.
Not to mention that the project itself is just gorgeous. Sturlin’s project involves learning Viking knit which he does like a true master. This is another bonus technique in Crocheted Wire Jewelry.

The ten page gallery finishing Crocheted Wire Jewelry is packed with inspiration and truly innovative crocheted wire jewelry. Fisch has absolutely elevated crocheted wire with this book. While crocheted wire jewelry can frequently have a handmade kind of look to it, the jewelry in this book looks absolutely professionally made, elegant and drop dead gorgeous. I highly recommend this book to wire art jewelry enthusiasts. For more information or to purchase, go to

Crocheted Wire Jewelry: Innovative Designs & Projects by Leading Artists (Lark Jewelry Books)