Knitting With Wire by Nancie M. Wiseman

PictureDon't let the small size of this book fool you. Great things often come in small packages and this is one of them. Knitting With Wire by Nancie M. Wiseman is a small packages that's packed with great information and projects for the experienced knitter looking to turn wire art jeweler.

In the beginning of the book, Wiseman provides detailed information on all the tools needed for hand knitting, Viking knit and machine knitting and also tools for making findings (the small parts used to finish and connect jewelry). She then spends two pages explaining how to choose the right size (gauge) and kinds of wire. Nicely done.

Following is a six page section devoted to making wire jewelry findings with simple wire. This is very well illustrated and will be a great asset to experienced knitters who are just starting to makeknit wire jewelry.

Wiseman shows off her skills in the chapter on Hand Knitting With Wire complete with nine diverse projects including jewelry, baskets, small sculpture and finishes with instructions for a beaded purse. The five jewelry pieces are made with and without adding other beads for diversity. The ebony and ivory collar is truly stunning, very chic.

The next chapter of Knitting With Wire devotes the first six pages to illustrating how to create Viking Knit with some good illustration. Of the nine projects here, seven are for wire jewelry: these projects are elegant but simple and will provide some inspiration. Wiseman ends the chapter by expanding the technique larger to make both a bowl and a vase.

In Machine Knitting With Wire, Nancie Wiseman provides the necessary information on how to work with a knitting machine. Sje starts off with machine knitted scarves (or ties) beautifully embellished with beads. There are five jewelry projects here, the Fringed Necklace standing out amongst them. Another five projects include a copper knitting project, a box and here’s also where you’ll learn to make and use knitted flowers and leaves. Wiseman includes projects where you can use flowers on a pin, hat and hair combs.

Knitting With Wire by Nancie M. Wiseman won’t teach you how to do hand knitting but it will teach you Viking knit and machine knitting. Both of which are excellent skills to have as a wire art jeweler. This is very much a good, solid book for those looking to expand their skills and imaginations.