Silver Wire Jewelry by Irene From Petersen

Silver Wire Jewelry by Irene From Petersen

Yet anotherPicture wonderful book by Petersen, Silver Wire Jewelry, has some true originality in both its’ techniques as well as the stunning jewelry design projects it presents. The techniques are very well illustrated and remarkably simple. This book offers the beginner an excellent starting place and even the pro, some new inspiration and challenge.As with her first book, Great Wire Jewelry, none of the projects in Silver Wire Jewelry require soldering: just tools and wire.

In the usual, well written, and organized Materials and Tools section, Petersen gives and provides review with written explanations and descriptions of different tools and why they’re used, what they’re used for and how to use them. She covers oxidizing (blackening the wire), gluing with epoxy and jewelry maintenance.

The first 23 pages of the book are devoted to making truly stunning wire jewelry out of simple coils. I counted 22 total projects in this section alone, typical for the master Petersen. She is always thorough and covers all the details of making her wire jewelry in her projects including the fastenings and how to make them. In this section you’ll also see some great ways to include pearls and other beads with your wire coils, nice addition. You’ll make wire rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers and pins.

The next section of the book is about coils that are stretched into waves so that the wire you’ll use to make your jewelry projects is wavy. With 11 projects here, Petersen does a nice job of designing them and also incorporates other beads into the pieces as well.

Following sections in the book include: Coils sawn into rings (for jump ring jewelry), 6 projects, Coils snipped into figure eights, 5 projects (these are quite beautiful pieces of jewelry) and 14 projects about making jewelry from elongated figure eights. Rings and Pearls is next with 8 amazingly luscious projects. That’s a whooping 66 wire jewelry projects in this book thus far, wow!

The following section on Braided wire jewelry has 10 lovely projects, followed by Crocheted and Knitted Wire which has another 9 projects which are well designed and conceived. As if all of this weren’t enough, Petersen ends her book with “Simple Jewelry”, 14 projects that include some new, fast and simple wire jewelry making techniques.
Adding this bonus section of Simple Jewelry brings the book total project number to a staggering 99 projects!! Of all the books I’ve reviewed, I’ve never yet seen such an absolute abundance of wire jewelry projects in one place.

My only criticism of Silver Wire Jewelry: Projects to Coil, Braid and Knit is that the bulk of the book is about working with wire coils and although excellent and unique, the sections on braiding and knitting are a bit thin. You will however, get sufficient instruction on how to accomplish both braiding and knitting with wire. Overall, I’ve got to give this book review an “A” for thoroughness of instruction as well as beauty and sheer magnitude of projects! You’ll not only be able to improve your skills as an art jeweler with this book but you’ll be given some unique an interesting challenges and designs to inspire you. Just click the link below to purchase or get more information about this book.

Silver Wire Jewelry: Projects to Coil, Braid & Knit (Lark Jewelry Books)