Soldering For Jewelry Making: Soldering Made Simple by Joe Silvera

Soldering Made Simple has two rather comprehensive sections or parts for you to easily learn from. In Part I,  you'll receive considerably more information than you'd expect to. You’ll get all the info about tools and materials required along with information on all soldering techniques. This is where you learn all about torches, how to use them and find your own comfort level with them.

In Part One, you’ll find extra, basic metalsmithing techniques like filing, drilling, hammering, polishing and adding color to your metal. In addition to all of that, you'll also get information on how to shape metal using a neat little device called a  dapping block.

Part II brings you 12 soldering projects in varying complexity. Choose to learn one or all as your needs dictate. If you choose to complete all twelve projects, there’s just no doubt that you’ll have acquired all the soldering skills possible.

On the other hand, you can decide just to stick with the most simple soldering like making the ear wires which is one of the beginning projects of the twelve. The great thing about Soldering Made Simple is that you can decide for yourself how deeply you want to get into soldering. This is not only an excellent project book for those wanting to finally learn how to solder their own handmade jewelry but it’s a superior reference book as well.


 In Summary, Mr. Silvera offers rare (and some of the best) training on just how to acquire the most excellent skill of soldering for jewelry making.