Ultimate Guide To Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

If you're just starting out wanting to sell your wire jewelry or other handmade jewelry, then it's an exciting time for you. I can also be a bit confusing about how to know where you should start. You have a number of options that can only serve to add to the confusion. Do you want to wholesale your jewelry? Do you understand how that works? Understand what "keystone" means? Generally speaking, I'd suggest that you learn as much as you can about wholesaling your wire jewelry before you venture into that marketplace.

Now, these days you also have the option of opening a jewelry "store" on the internet which can be promising. Start up expenses are low and many successful jewelry designers sell their wares thru this venue. Etsy and Artfire are two of the best known websites for this possibility. The main issue with starting out selling your wire jewelry this way though is that you'll not only need to learn how to configure your online store, but you'll primarily need to know how to drive traffic to it. And that means giving your store backlinks to help the search engines know that they should drive traffic to your store's web location. A backlink is another website linking to your website. I know that many designers use Twitter and other social media sites to get those much needed backlinks to their sites for example. So, you want to know what you're doing before considering this option for selling your wire jewelry.


That brings us to doing fairs and trade shows to sell your work and this is often the venue I suggest to my students when they're first starting out. Why? The kind of information that you'll get by setting up your display, going thru that process, is invaluable. Dealing up front, first hand, with potential customers is a primary benefit here as well. Being able to see what those customers like and what they don't will give you a great deal of information about how to configure and build you wire jewelry line. There's just no substitute for this king of real information and feedback.

Knowing which street or trade shows and fairs are the best in your area (start out locally first) will take time and investigation as well. Testing is key to success in selling just about anything.

So, you see, no matter what venue you choose to starting selling your wire jewelry or any handmade jewelry for that matter, you'll need to do some homework first.

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