Wire Jewellery by Kate Pullen

If you knit or crochet and want to apply those skills to making wire jewelry, then this is a solid book for you. Although this isn't a full blown review, I have gone thru this book several times and found it meaty with many designs and variations plus good illustrations and step-by-step photos.

You'll also get all the basics on tools, wire, etc. that you'll need to get started or to refresh your memory. If you've already been making knit or crocheted wire jewelry, you'll learn to incorporate beads and gemstones and chips to your work.......this book relies very heavily on that much to the good. The designs are quite lush with the added color of the stones and gems. Be sure to check out this author's use of tendrils in her pieces...stunning.

My only real complaint about this very nicely done book is that a handful of the wire in the designs is a bit messy. Others may not notice this though. Just click the link below to get more info from Amazon.