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Jewlery Making Ideas: Part III: Learn By Wire Technique

I've been writing lately about jewelry making ideas and started out by writing and breaking down my own method for coming up with wire jewelry designs. If you missed the two previous posts about how to come up with your own designs the posts are here:

Jewelry Making Ideas: Part II For Beginners

I wrote a post yesterday about the method I use to come up with new jewelry making ideas and there's somethings I'd like to add to that. If you haven't read that post, see it here:

One of The Best Ways to Come Up With Wire Jewelry Making Ideas

I was responding to a jewelry making forum question recently and thought this would also make a good post. The original question came from a teacher who was looking to inspire her jewelry students. She wanted to know how we all (forum members) found our inspiration for jewelry making. Where exactly did we get our jewelry making ideas?

Try Nugold and Copper as an Alternative to Silver Wire

As I prepare my new line of art glass and wire jewelry, I have been appalled, as I'm sure many of you have, at the price of sterling silver wire. Although currently, I'm seeing it start to drop. The last batch of scrap I sent to my refiner saw silver at over $42 per ounce. Man.

See Some Sophisticated Wire Wrapped Jewelry

I've just finished posting a new book review on Creating Artisan Jewerly: Weave, Wrap Coil by Jodi Bombadier. So, for the full review just click on the book review section above and then scroll down to Wire Wrapping books.


Well, it's taken a long time to get this Beadifferent Press site up with all these tutorials. The original Beadifferent Press website went up in 1999 as a venue for my first book, Make Wire Beads. Given the extreme success of that little publication, we started adding one or two smaller tutorials periodically to add to the selection.